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Happy Mothers Day Short messages 2017

The mother's day is the best day to celebrate the motherhood. On this day, we celebrate the motherhood and wish our mother a very Happy Mother's Day. We do all the possible things to celebrate the mother's day and keep our mom happy on this day. We should do every possible thing to keep our mother happy all the days of year, notjust mothers day. If you are interested in wishing your Mother a Happy Mother's Day over the Internet or any digital communication medium, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are goingto share some of the best Happy Mothers Day Short messages 2017 to share with your mother.

You can share these Happy Mothers Day Short messages and Wishes with your mom via any digital communication medium like the Facebook, WhatsApp, MMS, or SHORT MESSAGES messages. There is no restriction on using these Mothers day short messages for mom. You can share these Short messages Wishes for Mothers Day with your mom or even share them with yourfriends to …

Funny Song Lyrics for Mothers Day

Funny song lyrics is the most goggled phrase on the mothers day. It is just because many kids want to make a funny performance in front of her on this special mothers day especially teenage kids.

The best gift you can give to your mom is her big smile. Yes if you succeeded in making her laugh on this day it will be the most lovable day for her. As she is the busiest person working for her family members whole year. You can make her smile with gifts but the best one which I feel is the funny mothers day song. Yes you heard me right funny song. Don't sing any emotional song as it will make her cry though her tears would be of happiness by seeing your love toward her but I think you should go with funny song. You will feel nice seeing her laughing on your funny expressive song.

happy mothers day

You don't have any song to sing for her. No worries here are the funny mothers day song lyrics for you. You can sing it with guitar or you can play piano to make it most nice.

Funny Song Lyrics for Mothers Day

Mama was the one who reached down and tied my shoelace.
Mama spit on her fingers and used it to clean dirt off my face.
Brush your teeth, q-tip your ear,
Take off your sister's new brassiere.
Watch pbs, not deputy dawg,
Don't you eat that lincoln log.
Oh mama I still don't believe
It's true: the tooth fairy was you.
No way!
I love you maaaaaama,
More than than paaaastrama,
Way more than jeffrey daaaahma,
Even more than my nfl paaaaajamas.
Mama always calmed down dad when he got too mean.
Like the time he almost hit me for stealing his juggs magazine.
Stop your jumping,
You'll break the bed.
Don't you fill up
On the bread.
Take those
Take those
(trying to read cue card)
Take ... carrots out of your nose,
That's not a hat that's pantyhose.
Don't play baseball in your suit,
That magnum pi's very cute.
Don't forget vick's vapor-rub,
Stop masturbating in the tub.
Thanks for making corn beef hash,
And putting powder on my rash.
(so much better.)
I love you maaaaaama,
More than golf with arnold paaaaalmaaaa,
More than yellow moons in lucky chaaaaamaaaas,
Def leppard's drummer only had one aaaaaaamaaa.
Oh, mrs. nealon, yes it's true,
Kevin's gonna sing to you.
Come on kevin.
I love you maaaaaama
Come on, keep goin'.
More than films by brian depaaaaalmaaaa.
Thanks for being my date to the praaaaamaaaa.
Thanks for writing that note to the draft
Board that said I was gay so I got out
Of vietnaaaamaaa.
Mom your way better than the world trade center baaaaamaaaa.
Who's name by the way is mohamed salaaaamaaa.
I love you even more than richard gere loves the dali laaaaahmaaa.
And richard gere was also good in "sommersby",
Which was a melodraaaamaa.
Oh, all you moms out there oughta know,
We kids love you so.
Have a happy mother's day.
Thank you very much!
Thank you!
Adam saaaandlaaa.


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